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Online Degrees FAQs

How Can I Find Accredited Online Universities?

Students interested in online education can choose traditional schools that also offer online academic programs or schools that only offer programs online. Read on to learn how to ensure your program has valid accreditation.

How Can I Find the Right Online Degree?

If you’re considering pursuing an online education, you need to know what to look for when choosing between programs. This article describes some criteria to consider when choosing the right online degree program for you.

How Can I Verify that an Online University is Accredited?

There are several ways to verify that an online university is accredited. Keep reading to learn about some of these options, and find out why accreditation is important.

How Do Online School Degree Programs Work?

Millions of college students enroll each year in online school programs to obtain undergraduate and graduate degrees. If you’re considering an online education, keep reading to learn how online school degree programs work.

How Hard is it to Earn a College Degree Online?

Earning a degree online presents unique challenges but doesn’t have to be any more difficult than earning a degree in a traditional setting. Read on to learn more.

How Long are Most Online University Programs?

How long an online university program is depends on the type of degree or certificate awarded. Read on to learn how to determine the length of an online degree program.

How Much Does Online Degree Tuition Typically Cost?

Get information about how colleges and universities calculate tuition costs. Learn if being a state resident affects your online tuition. Read on to find out if financial aid can reduce the costs of online classes.

How Much Does Tuition Cost at an Accredited Online University?

Determining the tuition cost at an accredited, online university involves considering all the involved factors. You can look at the variances in tuition costs that might affect you, consider the financial aid options and think about the money…

Tips for Earning a Career Diploma Online

An online career diploma can be a great way to boost your current career or enter into a new field. This article discusses factors to consider when pursuing a career diploma online.

What are Advanced Online Degrees?

Some schools offer graduate degrees, otherwise known as advanced degrees, through online programs. These programs should be as rigorous online as they are in the classroom, so the degree you earn is the same regardless of delivery method.

What are Online Trade Schools?

Online trade schools offer degree and certificate programs that concentrate on career-specific education and training without excessive electives and general studies requirements. Graduates are prepared for immediate entry-level placement in…

What are Regionally Accredited Online Schools?

Accredited online schools have received their accreditation from an organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Learn more about regionally accredited online schools in…

What are Self-Paced Online Degree Programs?

Self-paced online degree programs allow students to set their own academic schedules, while traditional online programs typically follow an academic schedule set by the school. That’s why a self-paced program might appeal to working professionals…

What are Some of the Largest Online Schools in the U.S.?

Private, for-profit online schools have the largest Internet presence, but campus-based universities with online education programs also attract large numbers of students. Read below about some of the largest public U.S. online schools.

What are the Advantages of Online Career Training?

Online career training offers benefits for individuals choosing a profession or improving their career opportunities in an existing field. The class schedule and study location is left up to the choice of the student. Read on to learn about other…

What are the Basics of an A.A. Degree Online?

An Associate of Arts (AA) degree earned online has many of the same requirements as an AA degree earned on campus. Read on to learn the basics of an online AA degree online, including its benefits and limits.

What are the Basics of an Online Ph.D. Program?

The basics of an online Ph.D. program include specialization courses, residencies and a dissertation. Students earning their Doctor of Philosophy degree online can further their education while continuing to work full-time and care for their…

What are the Benefits of eLearning?

Over the past few years, eLearning has become both more available and more popular as a class format option. Read about the advantages of eLearning to decide whether taking an online course is a good option for you.

What are the Largest Accredited Online Schools?

Students seeking a college degree often want to ensure that the programs or schools to which they apply are nationally or regionally accredited. Several large accredited schools throughout the United States offer online degree programs and…

What are the Popular Accredited Online Degree Programs?

Accredited online degree programs are computer-based programs that allow students to gain as much knowledge as they would from traditional courses. Learn more below about several popular fields of study available through online degrees.

What are the Prerequisites for an Online Ph.D. Degree Program?

Most universities require prospective doctoral students to fulfill common prerequisites prior to enrolling in an online doctoral program, even if the specific requirements vary. Individuals who want to apply for admission to an online PhD degree…

What are the Requirements for Earning a College Degree Online?

Colleges and universities that offer degrees online provide students with a convenient way to further their education because students can attend classes and study anytime. Students must fulfill several requirements to earn a college degree…

What Are the Top Online Associate Degree Programs?

While there are many online associate degree options, several of the online colleges report that the majority of students are pursuing the same five areas. Read on to learn more about each of these popular choices.

What Are the Top Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs?

Many people are turning to online programs to earn their bachelor’s degrees, enjoying the flexibility in scheduling and the potential savings over a traditional on-campus education. Read on for examples of top online degree options.

What Are the Top Online Doctoral Degree Programs

Many of the best graduate schools ranked each year by U.S. News and World Report offer online programs leading to doctoral degrees. Some of the doctoral programs selected by students for online degrees include a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) & more

What Are the Top Online Master’s Degree Programs?

Online master’s degree programs are offered in many different fields. Read this article to find out more about the specific details regarding

What are Tips for Finding Online Schools that are Accredited?

Online schools offer programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. There are several ways to determine if an online school is accredited, including searching for the school in the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) databases.

What are Tips for Going Back to School Online?

Going back to school online is a process that can be very specific to an individual learner’s needs and capabilities. With that in mind, potential students will have a variety of options to tailor their own virtual education experiences to fit…

What are Tips for Online Schooling Success?

While online schooling sounds attractive because of its flexibility and convenience, successful completion of an online college course requires preparation and dedication. Read on to find tips for online schooling success.

What is a Virtual Campus?

Though the term ‘virtual campus’ might sound like something from a science fiction movie, this phrase actually refers to a variety of online tools. Read on to learn about the different meanings this phrase might have.

What is a Virtual University?

A virtual university is an online learning institution that uses the Internet to deliver classes and seminars. Students can earn a certificate or degree if they have a computer system that meets the technological requirements of that particular…

What is an Accelerated Online College Degree?

Accelerated online college degrees are completed at a faster pace than traditional degree programs. Read on to learn more about how these programs work and what to look for in them.

What is an Online Career School?

An educational program from an online career school can teach you the skills to qualify for a new career. Online career schools offer programs in subjects ranging from business management and legal assisting to medical assisting. You can earn a..

What is an Online Ph.d Program?

A Doctor of Philosophy degree, abbreviated Ph.D., is an advanced degree requiring study beyond that of a master’s degree. Several online programs are available to provide alternative paths to earn this advanced credential. The following article…

What is an Online Post-Baccalaureate Certificate?

If you’re interested in advancing your career with a graduate-level education but don’t want to undertake a full master’s degree program, you may be interested in an online post-baccalaureate certificate. Certificates are available in diverse…

What is eLearning?

E-learning, or electronic learning, is education that doesn’t require students to attend class at a physical location and is often completed at the student’s own pace. Read on to learn more about e-learning options.

What Is the Average Cost of Tuition Per Credit at an Online University?

With college costs rising nearly every year, the cost of tuition surely weighs on the minds of all those considering either an online or traditional college education. Read on for more information regarding the average cost of tuition per credit…

What is the Cost of Online Education vs. Traditional Education?

The cost of tuition can be one of the most decisive factors for a potential student to decide where to attend school. Outlined below are the differences between tuition costs for an online education versus traditional education.

What is the FAFSA Online Application Form?

The U.S. Department of Education’s student financial aid programs provide more than $100 billion annually in financial aid for postsecondary education. Students must apply for this aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)….

What Kind of Computer is Required to Take Online Classes?

Online classes require students to own or have access to a computer. Read below to find out what kind of computer is required when taking online classes.

What Kinds of Degrees are Available Online?

Today, more people are getting online college degrees than ever before. All kinds of degrees are available online, from associate’s to doctoral, in fields spanning from fashion design to law. Read on to learn more.

What Kinds of Free Schooling are Available Online?

For students who are interested in learning extra information in a variety of subjects, many universities offer college level classes for free. While these courses are generally non-credit, they are valuable for students who want to learn or want…

What Makes a Good Online School?

If you’re interested in attending college via the Internet, it’s important to choose a good online school. A good online school should be accredited and held in high esteem by employers. This article describes some of the characteristics of a…

What Programs are Found at Online Technical Schools?

Online technical schools allow students to study and take classes on a flexible schedule while completing a certificate program or an associate’s degree online. Read an overview of online technical schools and take a look at some specific…

Where Can I Find Free Online Educational Games?

Free online educational games are all over the Internet. The problem is not where to find free educational game sites online, it’s choosing among them! The sites below include popular games to teach kids important lessons about reading, math and…

Where Can I Find Online Applications for College Scholarships?

Searching for online applications for college scholarships is often one of the first steps many students take to prepare for higher education. Government websites, professional organizations and scholarship search businesses provide students in…

Where Can I Find Online Jobs and What Types of Jobs Will I Find?

Online jobs typically offer flexibility and convenience. There are a number of general job boards, social networking sites and professional organizations that list online job opportunities. Read on to learn more.

Where Can I Find Salary Guides for Online Degree Programs?

While no clear, comprehensive salary guide exists solely for online degree programs, a salary guide for regular programs will suffice for online programs that are fully accredited. Accreditation is what ensures that employers and graduate schools…

Which Online Universities Offer Doctoral Degree Programs?

Plenty of universities offer doctoral degree programs online. Several top not-for-profit universities’ graduate schools, both public and private, have hybrid or completely online programs that offer doctorates. Schools with regional accreditation…

Why Is Enrolling in an Accredited Online College Degree Program Important?

Not all online college degree programs are accredited. Read on to learn why accreditation is important for potential employment and future academic pursuits. Find out how to verify a school’s accreditation.